Post Construction Cleaning

New home construction can leave a pretty big mess! Once a new home has been constructed and all of the interior fixtures installed, there are still large quantities of dust, dirt, and debris that need cleaned before the house is suitable for occupants to move into.

For home developers, renovators, and contractors who need cleaning after a construction project, Sea Breeze offers post construction cleaning. Our trained and experienced staff knows how to remove the clutter and grime left behind during a construction project to make a home presentable. Once on the job, our staff will make any construction area attractive and ready to be seen by prospective buyers, realtors, and inspectors.

In particular, we’ll see to the following areas and tough-to-clean spots:

All Areas
Wash all ground-level window interiors and remove labels from new windows
Wipe down all window sills
Dust all ceiling fans, vents, and lighting fixtures
Vacuum, mop, and sweep all floors
Wipe down all doors and frames

Remove any construction debris from entire kitchen
Wipe down interiors and exteriors of kitchen cabinets and drawers
Wipe and polish kitchen faucets and fixtures
Vacuum top of cabinets and wipe them down

Remove construction debris from any surface and wipe down the surfaces
Clean tubs, toilets, showers, and other enclosures
Wash mirrors
Clean interior and exterior of bathroom cabinets and drawers

Bedrooms and Living Areas
Wash down surfaces and remove any construction debris
Wipe down all baseboards
Sweep, mop, and vacuum all floors

If you’re moving into a brand new building or just trying to wrap up a construction job, stop. Instead of handling the cleaning yourself, let someone else handle it for a change. This gives you less hassle to deal with, giving you time to focus on your project.