Janitorial Services

Commercial & Regular Office Cleaning Service
Cleaning an office on a regular basis can accomplish more than the elimination of debris, dirt, and dust. It can also eliminate germs and other harmful organisms that may stick to carpets, rugs, furniture, and other areas.

Hiring Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services will make sure that all needed cleaning jobs are done to keep your offices spotless, presentable, and safe from possible health and safety threats.

Your employees spend more waking hours in their office than they do in their own home. By not using regular cleaning services, you could be incurring significant labor costs just because of sick days alone.

Custodial and Janitorial Cleaning Services For Your Business
Maintaining a pristine and maintained workplace gives customers and visitors a great first impression of who you are as a business. It also provides employees a comfortable place to work in order to grow your business, so why not invest in maintaining it clean with a janitor or custodian?

Almost every location needs some version of the basics. This includes dusting, surface cleaning, window washing and upholstery care. Aside from daily services, we also provide more comprehensive services such as floor waxing, drain cleaning and more. The specifics will depend on your needs but generally these more complicated services are performed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Only Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services can offer the highest standards of cleanliness with our janitorial or custodial services.

We serve any size business with our services, including:

Industrial Buildings                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Offices                                                                                                               Property Management Facilities                                                                                                          Nursing Homes                                                                                                              Schools                                                                                                               Cafés                                                                                                                    Churches
Auto Dealerships

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