We may need to send a different team to clean your home for this off‐schedule visit, as your “regular” cleaning team may have a full schedule.
Additional Service Fees (For additional time needed to clean your home)
When hiring Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services, you are hiring us to properly maintain your home. Our fees are based on the actual time it takes to clean your home in 1/4 hour increments. There may be an occasion where our maids need more time to complete the specific cleaning program you purchased.

A few examples include:

The condition of your home is different than what you represented when we established your Estimate.
Excessive dirt/dust/stains resulting from remodeling/construction, post‐party cleanup, etc.
The number of occupants in your home has changed.
You have added a pet or additional pets to your family.
You have changed the flooring in your home from carpet to a hard surface floor or wood floors.
If a particular cleaning requires more than the allocated time to finish due to the situations above, we will bill you fairly for our time.

If additional time is repeatedly needed because of different requirements in your home, we would need to discuss a change in your regular fee for services.
Service Limits
Our employee’s safety is important. We require our employees to wear shoes at all times and refrain from climbing ladders higher than our two step stools. We do not clean bodily fluids, pet accidents, fleas or pests, etc. due to additional training and safety requirements. (will be obtaining)
Payment is expected at time of service. (depending on your cleaning service). Please make checks payable to Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services and leave on your kitchen counter for your maids to pick up.
Arrival Times
We happily accommodate your schedule to ensure our employees arrive at a consistent time each clean. We cannot provide an exact time of arrival but we can tell you in most cases within 2 hours of when you can expect the cleaners. Travel between jobs, weather conditions, unexpected cleaning needs at a prior location will affect our arrival time at your home.
Cleaning Teams
We generally clean in teams of two. Each team is assigned a Team Captain. Occasionally on larger projects or if production requires we may send a team of three. From time to time we may send one team member. We make every effort to send the same team to your home and, in most cases, you will have at least one team member familiar with your home and particulars. Please ensure we accommodate our clients, occasionally we are all human and our employees become sick or have a family emergency. Thank you for your understanding.
Please advise us if you have pets. We prefer pets be restricted to allow us to clean your home efficiently. Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services use environmentally safe product protecting you as well as your pets. For health reason, our staff will not handle any type of animal waste.
Direct Hiring of Our Maids/Cleaners
Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services invests heavily in our training methods and background screening to find quality employees. Our company are invested in the employees on going training to grow in our company and as an employee. By hiring Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services currently or formerly employed by us within a 2 year period following such employment. Each employee signs a No compete contract during our hiring process, if contract is broken employee is subject to a law suit. Hiring a current or former employee and/or accepting side propositions makes you liable for an employment referral fee of $3,000.00. By using our service, you agree to notify us of any attempts to solicit or accept business outside of Trustworthy House Cleaning Services LLC. Exchanging contact info is also considered part of this breach unless prior permission has been authorized by Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services. Keep in mind that hiring a maid independently as an employee can make the homeowner responsible for employer/employee withholding taxes.
Expedite Your Cleaning
We ask that you pick up clothing, toys, and other household items, so that we can thoroughly clean your home. Place fresh linens on any beds that you wish changed while we are there.
Home Access
Please make sure you home is accessible to your cleaning crew. The most convenient and secure method is to provide Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services with a house key or garage code. Keys and codes are retained in a secure file. If, upon arrival, we are unable to access your home as scheduled, there will be a $50.00 lock-out fee assessed to cover our labor and travel expenses.
Accidental breakage / Damage
We treat your home with complete care and respect. Should damage or a breakage occur while we are cleaning, your Office Manager will leave a notice, inform the office, and complete a Breakage Report. Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services will make every effort to repair or if necessary, replace the item. When appropriate, insurance claims will be filed. Please advise Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Service if you have collectibles, irreplaceable items, or sensitive items such as plasma and LCD television screens, computers, other electronic devices, and associated wires or plugs. (all appraised items)
We can clean the interior of windows which are within our reach using a stepladder. We can clean the exterior of tilt-in windows. We do clean exterior of windows as well as pressure washing services, inquire for a free consultation. As a matter of routine, we remove hand prints and nose prints caused by children and pets on sliding glass doors and lower portions of windows.
Dishes & laundry
We do not normally do dishes or laundry. However, if you wish to pay for these additional services, than we would be happy to provide them.
Cleaners wear attire that designates them as an employee of Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services. Cleaners are not permitted to allow anyone to enter your home while they are there. Team Members are required to wear shoes at all times.
Each cleaner acts in a professional and responsible manner. Confidentiality is maintained concerning our clients at all times. Honesty and integrity are upheld by each person. Any doubts about the professionalism of any cleaner at any time should be reported promptly to Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services, (207) 790-3904
Cleaners do not expect tips. However, cleaners are permitted to accept tips should you choose to leave one as recognition for exceptional cleaning service.
If your scheduled cleaning falls on a major holiday, we will contact you to reschedule your service. Our office is closed on the following Holidays – New Years Day, Memorial day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Please Note: The Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services work on many federal holidays. You can expect our arrival if your cleaning date falls on a holiday other than those above.
Employment Practices
 The safety and security of our clients and their property is a great priority at Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Service, we ensure that every employee has cleared a background check before employment. We practice fair hiring, working and employment policies with all of our employees. We are a registered corporation in the state of Maine under the name of Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services and have filed the appropriate paperwork with the US government. We file annual state and federal income tax returns, quarterly employment reports, and pay all taxes, including employee tax match and withholding, required by federal and state laws.
Annual Price Review
We review all of our prices annually and update them accordingly. You will receive notice of any adjustment to your pricing.
Negative Reviews
Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services requires 7 days to fix and resolve any and all issues and problems before relating negative feedback on any public website. This includes, but is not limited to, Google +, Citysearch, Yelp, etc.
Moving Heavy Furniture
Due to safety concerns, Sea Breeze Home and Commercial Services will not allow it’s cleaners to move / lift heavy items or furniture. If you would like us to clean behind large appliances (stove, fridge) or furniture (couch), please move them prior to our arrival.