Floor Maintenance

Floor Stripping and Waxing

You may not inspect your floor often, but when you do you will probably find that it has taken quite a beating over time, especially in high traffic areas. At Sea Breeze we provide customers with professional floor stripping and waxing services and we will get your floor looking fantastic again. When your floor is waxed, you’ll find that it makes the entire room look clean and attractive again. You can call us to handle all of your cleaning needs, or you can simply enlist our services when you are looking for floor refinishing companies in Maine.

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Floor Burnishing

Not only can we provide the initial VCT floor stripping and refinishing to your facility, but we can also set you up a maintenance program that will keep your floors clean and haze free! Our most popular VCT maintenance program consists of a high-speed buffing service (burnishing) weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This will help keep your tile floors looking like new to the people that visit your establishment.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our tile and grout floor cleaning method has been successful at removing hard water stains, mildew, embedded food particles, dirt, and grease in residential and commercial locations. Sometimes the tile’s grout is discolored or stained and can be difficult or impossible to remove if the grout was not sealed and not attended to in a timely manner.

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