Floor Stripping and Waxing


No one can deny that clean and shiny floors can make an establishment attractive. Apart from improving the aesthetic appeal, the well-maintained floors of your commercial property will extend their lifetime.

Unfortunately, no other part of your business unit or commercial building witnesses such a harder beating than the floors. Continuous foot traffic, along with the exposure to dust, dirt, grime, and mud eventually strip off its shine and sheen.

However, there is no need to replace such worn, ill-maintained, and stained floors. Rather, they can be given a new, spotless, and eye-catching finishing by the process of floor waxing and stripping. This process removes the outer layers of a floor and reveals its underneath layers.

Are you looking forward to hiring a reliable company that strips your flooring to bring a new and shiny look? If yes, then our company will be eager to help you.

At Sea Breeze, we offer commercial floor stripping and waxing services throughout Maine. Our experienced professionals will help you bring a sparkling, glistening, and polished surface for your worn and outdated floors.

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