Residential Cleaning

Accumulated dirt and dust on carpets, furniture, tiles, windows, and other parts of your home enable harmful pests and bacteria to work and flourish freely. Weekly home cleaning is crucial to keep your home free from these dangerous things.

Benefits of Weekly Home Cleanings
By having your home cleaned each week, you can extend the life of your carpet, furniture, and more. Instead of having to get it replaced due to aggressive mold or mildew, keep using your furniture for years past its expiration date.

For families living in Maine, we can empathize with having to fight allergies on a regular basis. Instead of fighting constantly, you can breathe easier with regular cleanings getting rid of dust and pollen.

We recommend that our first visit be a DEEP cleaning. Thereafter we can continue with a recurring cleanings Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Special Events.

Dust & polish the furniture
Dust pictures frames
Make the bed
Emptying trash can
Sweep, vacuum, or mop floor

Living/Dining Room
Dust & polish furniture
Empty trash can
Sweep, vacuum, or mop floor

Cleaning and scrubbing shower wall, shower pans, tubs, sinks and faucets, and countertops cleaned, disinfected and shined (shower caddies and contents are excluded)
Dusting and cleaning vanity lights, mirrors, and cabinet doors
Cleaning and scrubbing inside and outside of the toilet bowl; cleaning, disinfecting and shining base exterior of the tank

Laundry Room
Cleaning of washer and dryer front and top and sides if accessible

Cleaning, scrubbing and disinfecting sink, faucets, countertops, and outside of refrigerator. Sink must be free of dishes (we don’t wash dishes)
Clean and shining of range hood and/or microwave (if accessible), along with stove top, range front (sides when exposed)
Cleaning cabinet doors and handles

Upon Request with extra charges
Cleaning of the refrigerator interior (contents must be removed and replaced)
Cleaning large appliances behind and underneath (homeowner must move appliances for accessibility)
Removing sofa/chair cushions and vacuuming underneath with every cleaning